Cas: ”Is it really necessary that I wear plaid now?”

Sam: “Of course, you’re a hunter now, we all wear plaid.”

Dean: “…”

May I compliment you on choosing the right gif for Dean’s face?

Wow that last gif is shear perfection. An entire conversation about his fleeting heterosexuality all in a two second gif.

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but how fucking polite must castiel be? he sees this guys for what 3 seconds? and knows his sexual history? imagine how much he knows of sams and deans.. and he never even mentioned it.

man if i were castiel i’d be throwing around remarks sam and deans sex life left right and centre.

To put on my shipper goggles, it feels significant that when Cas became all-powerful the first thing he did was go put a stop to a group preaching that homosexuality is wrong.



"I have a pretty firm rule: No sheep in my car.

I went to the University of Chicago which is a school for learning things and my school was a very depressing place to be at the time. Now, maybe it is not so depressing, but when I was there we didn’t have a student center, we had no sports. We had a football team, but it was… In the US you have college football and you can be either Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 and Tier 3 is basically like - they can’t even throw the ball. And we were at the bottom of Tier 3. 

So all people did was sit in the library and read books. And in fact our whole social life was in the basement of the Regenstein library which had no windows and it was very cold there. Sometimes, you know, -20 degrees Fahrenheit. So we hab this one thing every year which was a scavenger hunt. For four days we would do a scavenger hunt. And everybody had fun for just four days and then we went back to being miserable. And it was a lot of fun. 

But we were at different teams, my wife now but my girlfriend at the time. She called me up late at night and said: “Hey, can I borrow the keys to your car?” Not many people at school had a car but I had an old car. And I said: “Why?” And she said: “I just found one of the items on the scavenger hunt.” We were doing the scavenger hunt and one of the items on the scavenger hunt was three live sheep. And unlike Gishwhes you actually had to bring all the items to one place to the scavenger hunt. So she wanted to borrow my car to go up to Wisconsin to get three sheep. 

I was on a different team first of all. Second of all I have a pretty firm rule: No sheep in my car. So I said no. I went to sleep, she came into my room, stole the keys, took the car. So then - eh - someone on her team drove up to Wisconsin, got three very adorable little sheep - lambs, put them on the backseat of my car and then they proceeded to eat the seat of the car and piss and shit all over the inside of the car [unintelligible] and there was some justice in the story, because they left the car parked unlocked and someone of another team stole the sheep out of the car." [x] - Misha Collins